Travel and Corporate Events

The Activia plans, operates and manages national and international corporate travel exclusively, agility and efficiency, always respecting the profile of the organization and travelers.

Always respecting the profile of the organization and travelers, Activia offers the most complete solutions for companies of all segments, with personalized service, quality services, budget management and effective control of travel policies.

In order to improve the customer travel processes, Activia makes the consultations, reserves and emissions of air tickets at the regional airlines, national and international.

To ensure the security and tranquility of the business, the Activia also offers travel insurance the most reputable companies in the industry. The travel insurance provides assistance in case of unforeseen events in the shipment, the stay and return. There is a secure adequate travel for each professional profile that business travelers.

Always searching for technological innovations and best travel tools, Activia offers self-booking system where the very requester can use to query the flight options and get the best airfares from all airlines on a single channel.
In addition to air transport services, Activia also offers to the lodging, rental cars and other terrestrial services in any city in the world.

With Activia, corporate travel become more profitable and productive.

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