The Company


The Activia Conferences & Corporate Travel is a company of Congress and industry events and corporate travel, working for 12 years on the market. With affiliate in the United States and its own headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, the company stands out for its strength and credibility, giving customers financial benefits with quality in all services and personalized attention.

The Activia has a highly qualified structure to serve its customers in the planning, production, marketing and distribution of conferences and events, whether they be scientific; medical and legal, seminars, symposiums, conventions, trade shows and events in general. Assists in the implementation of the entire process, from site selection, survey providers, attracting sponsorships, best rates, plus all logistical support, hiring of work and running reports.

Develop a solid relationship with the hotel chain, airlines, tour guides, tour operators, car rental companies, convention centers, and other service providers enabling success and high level of quality in operations.

The official agency – housing offers all travel management and unique service to the participants and delegates from a particular event. The Activia offers special rates and a wide range of hotels to suit the participants. Offer prices and discounts on air tickets, as well as various car rental options and transfer airport / hotel / airport.

The Activia ensures greater agility in business processes of your company, from booking tickets, hotels and car rental.

The main objective of the solutions in corporate travel management is to leave the carefree customers with their travel and focused only on business. Therefore, Activia uses the best resources through online systems that enable the processes and control costs, speed and support in meeting the requests and questions.

The Activia has a modern structure, supported by strong partnerships that enable positive results and generate success for your business.


To be recognized as one of the best travel management agencies and corporate events.
It is respected by the high degree of relationship with your customer, quality and excellence in the provision of services and the pursuit of satisfaction and continuous improvement of its employees.


Meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients in travel management and events, focusing on the corporate customer segment, providing comfort, reliability and safety at competitive costs.

Our values

  • Company image preservation before the market
  • Ethics in personal and professional relationships
  • Focus on total customer satisfaction
  • Speed, agility and service quality with customers, suppliers and employees
  • Emphasis on the enhancement of organizational climate: mutual respect, teamwork, motivation and confidence.
  • Strict compliance with all laws and regulations related to the sector.